About Source Scan Agency

About Source Scan Agency

Source Scan Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd. has been delivering high-quality auto parts for over 27 years.

Its aim is to provide quality parts & well-rounded services to its customers. Source Scan Agency has always prioritized evolution and improvement with time. Being in the field for almost three decades Source Scan has expanded from being a purely techno-commercial performance enhancement firm to having extensive manufacturing facilities. Source Scan Agency now offers & exports a diverse product range from its own production facilities while providing an assortment of supply chain services.

The years of consistent dedication towards continuous learning by the team has made Source Scan Agency a natural leader in its area of specialization- manufacturing & export of tractor components, car parts, LCV parts and truck parts.

Source Scan owned manufacturing units are complemented by a reliable and well-audited network of suppliers. The business links with many clients, manufacturers, and service providers are maintained with ethical practices and efficient & evolving systems for over two decades.

The team consists of highly experienced engineers, executives, production & packing staff who work tirelessly to ensure timely deliveries of consistent quality products.

Extensive knowledge & experience in the field of international business of automotive, tractor parts, and engineering components combined with Source Scan’s commitment to customer requirements catalyses the process of achievement of strategic sourcing & purchase objectives of overseas buyers. We go the extra mile by understanding the needs of our clients and providing customized products and services when needed.

Source Scan Agency (I) Pvt. Ltd. is committed to offering cost leadership to its clients while mitigating the risks and challenges of sourcing from India.

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Journey Highlights

  • 1995

    Source Scan Agency established its business foundation with clients from Malaysia, Germany, and the U.A.E. with supplier base from Delhi and national capital region. The products ranged from H.C.V. and L.C.V. spare parts compatible with European and American makes. It was a humble beginning from a small rented office.

  • 1999

    Source Scan Agency bought an office space to ensure delivery of consistent quality of services and experience for its clients. Started offering services like performance measurement, CAPA management, quality certification support services and special packaging services for American clients.

  • 2004

    Envisioning expansion, diversification and plans of Manufacturing, and improving quality control Source Scan Agency shifted it's base from a small sourcing office in Delhi to own highly reputed industrial manufacturing space in Gurgaon.

  • 2006

    Constitution changed to Private Limited Company with a resolve to become a prominent name by acquiring knowledge, expertise. The Source Scan team now specialised in tapping into resources not only from India but also from China, Taiwan and Thailand. We started applying the understanding of industry dynamics and adhered to quality systems to reduce the cost of purchasing and improve the efficiency of the supply chain.

  • 2009

    Client base expanded to the United Kingdom, which helped to take a step forward in opening purchase offices for clients in India with customisation services. Services ranged from defining part numbers to providing fully packaged barcoded items ready for shelf display. The major product range of car parts and accessories added.

  • 2010

    Agricultural Components and Machinery parts manufacturing and exports initiated.

  • 2012

    Production unit set up for stitching product and accessories for classic and vintage tractor parts such as the Foam and Leatherite (Rexene) accessories like seat cushions, cabin insulation kits.

  • 2013

    Manufacturing factory set-up for FRP(Fiber reinforced plastics) components for big body parts like hard roof linings, fan cowls, fan shrouds, battery box covers, grills other body panels.

  • 2014

    Acquisition of a running factory of Control Cables to increase range of cables and improve service for our customers to supply an extensive range of brake cables, accelerator cables, throttle cables, clutch cables, gear shifter cables and a variety of child parts for the cable industry.

  • 2015

    Source Scan invested in the production facility of Wiring Products for manufacturing. Wiring Harness / Looms, Battery Cables, Spark Plug / Ignition Cable sets of PVC / EPDM / Silicon Outer with Copper / Carbon core.

  • 2016

    In year 2016 invested in Aluminum Casting and Pipe & Hose assembly plant: Fuel Injection Pipes, Exhaust, Air, Fuel & Water Pipes, Rubber Hose Assemblies, Aluminum castings – PDC & Gravity Casting

  • 2016

    In Year 2016 Source Scan partnered with a big unit, manufacturing Body parts/panels of vintage vehicles & tractors (Bonnet, Grills, Fenders, Seat Pans, Foot Plates etc.) with ready tooling of more than 50 models & presses up to 600 Metric Tonnes. Specializing in tools developments for low volumes even for 100 sets.

Since its inception Source Scan Agency has an undeterred focus on delivering high-quality automotive parts to its clients without any compromise. The continuous care for customers’ product specifications and interests along with our honest intentions of nurturing the mutual business of all parties provides an invaluable opportunity for ongoing learning.

Cognizant customer care is shaping and improvising the processes of Source Scan on its journey of continuous improvement and evolution.

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